It's More Than Just Cold Storage, It's Service

We strive for an unmatched facility network and industry expertise with just one goal: to provide solutions that serve your business goals, your brand, and your reputation.

Building On A Proven Platform

Like our network of integrated temperature-controlled warehouses, our solutions are comprehensive. That’s because we combine in-house expertise with the flexibility to select the best vendors and systems to support you. We’re not tied to any one provider and we don’t have to force systems or equipment to adapt to your needs.

The results are cutting-edge solutions designed to take your supply chain–and your competitive advantages–to the next level.

Services For Food Producers and Retailers


Delivery of freezer, chilled and dry products to Supermarkets, DC’s and retailers in the AMBA area. The integral service includes crossdocking, trips routing, delivery with multi temperatura/customers ítems/drop point in a single truck and a detailed daily status to customers at the end of the requested service.

Blast Freezing

Abide by regulatory requirements, extend product lifespan indefinitely, and lock in flavor, vitamins, and minerals. Americold’s blast freezing process is available at many of our facilities.


We can pick eaches, cases, or layers so you can mix SKUs and maximize pallet utilization. We can even load pallets in store-required order for ease of unpacking at the destination.

Track & Trace Geolocation

Real time geolocation of every truck of our distribution service. Includes cloud Intenet customers access to check the status of every drop point, ítems transported and delivered, reasons of no delivery, quantities, weights; etc.

Make Your Products Work While In Storage

Americold's Value Added Services take advantage of this traditional down time. Product customisation, kitting, repacking, labelling - it's all possible in a temperature-controlled environment.

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Ready To Get Started?

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